Whats Growing On


There is always something going on at Cranbrook Plants. As the seasons pass there is a succession of plants growing on for sale, some new, some old favourites, some interesting and some pure classics.

Here are just a few that are coming up soon.


Bronte Peat Free Compost

Brontë Peat Free Compost

In August 2022 the UK government placed a ban of the sale of Peat based composts and growing media to the public coming into place by 2024.

Peatlands are one of the largest natural stores of Carbon and the idea behind this ban is to protect the peatlands and the natural environment.

As grower retailers we at Cranbrook Plants have taken a professional and proactive approach to the issue of Peat based growing media.

We have decided that the most responsible approach to this issue is not to make some “knee jerk” decisions which may have adverse effects not only to the environment but to our customers and indeed our business. Over the last few months, we have concluded a series of trials testing the use of 100% peat free media and we believe we have found to date the best media saleable to the consumer.

• 100% Peat Free

• All the constituents are responsibly sourced.

• Although it does need to be managed and grown in a somewhat different way to the Peat based materials this compost has proved to grow plants very well (in fact with some species better than the Peat based products).



Introducing Brontë Plant Feeds

Brontë Peat Free Multipurpose Compost is a natural peat free formulae that provides a perfect balance of nutrients, it has a different consistency to the peat based composts we have used in the past so does need to be managed slightly differently in terms of watering and liquid feeding but Bronte have made it easy as they have produced a range of purpose made liquid feeds.

Brontë is without question it is the best product we have found during our trialling process and Cranbrook Plants is delighted to be introducing Brontë Peat Free composts and their range of liquid feeds.

Bronte Plant Feed


Potting On

Summer hanging baskets

Each year the sales of our summer hanging baskets and patio containers grows and grows.

Dawn is well known for her quality bespoke hand made baskets and containers.

We already have orders in so make sure you order yours early to ensure you don’t mis out.
“Buy direct from the grower” Best range, best quality, best service, best value.