Whats Growing On


There is always something going on at Cranbrook Plants. As the seasons pass there is a succession of plants growing on for sale, some new, some old favourites, some interesting and some pure classics.

Here are just a few that are coming up soon.



We have a wide range of quality pansies to suit a range of uses. Coming in many colours including mixed colour varieties.

They can add a splash of colour at this time of year when may other plants are becoming dormant.

Pop in to see what's your favourite.





Christmas Trees

At the end of November Cranbrook Plants will be stocking its 2018 Christmas Trees.

Our trees are sourced from the best suppliers and they are always quality we can rely on.

As usual the trees will be display undercover which enables you to browse around and choose the best tree for you.

Of course, we will once again be offering our bespoke delivery service under the moto “You choose, we deliver”


Christmas Wreaths

Once again Cranbrook Plants will be offering the finest quality fresh bespoke hand made door and grave wreaths.

Made with fresh foliage and greenery and including our natural and innovative decorations.

Want something special? Come and talk to us!

Available from 1st December, ordering recommended.

Potting On

Potting On

Winter baskets

Our winter haging baskets are designed to add colour and texture through the colder and darker months.

Come and see what we can do as a bespoke hanging basket to fit your style.